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And Justice for All

The brutal, unbearable details ignited the ruthless investigation. The young victim had made an outcry (the victim’s voice telling what has happened which must be reported by one who hears); his story was dreadfully horrifying. The family acted immediately, believing the justice system would be exceptionally cautious, especially because the victim was a disabled, intellectually […]


How You Can Keep Running and Finish Well

An Interview with Ken and Joni Eareckson Tada This year, Joni and Friends celebrates 35 years of ministry, transforming lives for the disabled population around the world. Forty-seven years ago, a young woman was lying in a hospital bed, bewildered about life and faith after a paralyzing accident. Although being an Olympian was probably not […]

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Four Refreshing Words

Sometimes I wish life would offer a little heads-up: “STORMS AHEAD!” I’m not saying I need all the details, but wouldn’t it be helpful to have a five-minute warning like the meteorologist gives when a tornado or storm is on the rise? This summer, it would’ve been helpful to know my husband’s herniated disk treatments […]


Where to Find That Peaceable Place

It was supposed to be the typical Sunday afternoon lunch with friends—kids on one end of the restaurant table, adults on the other. Except, it wasn’t. What is it about Sunday mornings? It’s like all of our good intentions get sucked into a vortex of chaos, anger, and tardiness. Sunday mornings support the quip, “Confession […]

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