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Senior Citizen with Walker

Ten Transforming Truths about Batons

I passed the baton last weekend . . . well, sort of. I’ll explain. Baton—you’ve probably heard the word a hundred times, referring to the cylinder-shaped device athletes carry and trade off during races, or maestros use to lead orchestras, or policemen wield for protection. Batons are usually rather small but powerful. Well, my baton […]

Holding On to Hope

An Interview with Nancy Guthrie Like fuel is for our cars and vitamins are for our bodies, hope is for the soul. Without hope, life continues to swirl around us, but we grind to a sluggish stop. Despair, disillusionment, and discontentment set in; we feel stuck. Few understand hopelessness like Nancy Guthrie. After losing one […]

Examining the Four Letter Word

Examining the Four Letter Word

Physical therapy? Nope, I’m too busy! I was a few months late for the typical post-op back surgery appointment. I had been a little busy: my son’s small but complicated surgical procedure, two international trips in the summer, several pneumonia illnesses in July, and two broken ribs for my husband in August . . . […]

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When life falls apart, confusion sets in. Personal questions are unanswerable, emotions are uncontrollable, and strength seems unattainable; such are the realities of shattering circumstances. Special Needs Ministries represents a source of hope for people by offering sound teaching, resources, and personal counseling.

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