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Finding HOPE

Finding HOPE

This post was co-authored by Lisa Simmons and Colleen Swindoll Thompson. FINALLY . . . she had something to work with. Lisa Simmons felt understood—there was something different about her son Daniel, and someone acknowledged it. Before autism became a world-trending subject, doctors and diagnostic numbers defined Daniel merely by what he couldn’t and wouldn’t […]

When God Feels Far Away

When God Feels Far Away

Do you believe that God is near to you at all times? The quick, Christian answer is, “Oh, of course I do!” But I bet for some Christians that question produces inner conflict. Candidly, I wrestle with believing that God is always near. I know in my head that He is always near because I […]

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When You Need to Get Your Fight Back

NOTE: The following post by Michele Cushatt is from her blog.   The earth began to buckle. Outside, the sun was shining, the sky blue and bright. To the ordinary, life-rich person, all seemed well. To me, caught in a web of post-surgery pain and chemo-driven nausea, dark closed in. I was sinking. I can’t […]

Lisa Simmons

I Would Have Said Yes

An Interview with Lisa Simmons Lisa Simmons knows the difference between life’s candy shop and vitamin shop. Her second child Daniel was diagnosed with Autism when Autism was an obscure diagnosis . . .1 in 10,000 children, compared to 1 in fewer than 70 children today. The bitter diagnosis didn’t taste good, feel good, or […]

Reflections on Surviving

Reflections on Surviving

Raising a child with an immune system disorder and running a children’s ministry department at the same time can prove quite problematic—but I tried. There were 600 energetic, excited kids the first Sunday Stonebriar Community Church opened its doors, and the ministry grew exponentially from there. My son Jon was 15 months old and attached […]

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Corps Values

He had an enormous laugh that echoed through the hallways of our home throughout my childhood. Long and lanky, this abused-youth-turned-Marine-war-vet-turned-Christian was the most compassionate, broken soul I’ve ever known. Brilliant beyond words, Stu was acutely wedged between humanity’s horrendous pain and the wonderment of our perfect God. Stu aged with staggering grace and poured […]

You Can Make a Difference

You Can Make a Difference

Overwhelming odds can make cowards of us all. Because there is so much to be done, we can easily lose heart and do nothing. Because there are so many to reach, it is easy to forget that God wants to use us to touch those few within our sphere of responsibility. I remember the first […]

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