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Your One Brave Act Today

Your One Brave Act Today

Years ago, my dad and I used to run together every morning. We ran a few 5Ks and tossed in some 10Ks and a couple half-marathons. The Los Angeles Marathon was coming up, and even though Dad’s schedule didn’t allow time for him to train, I decided to go for it. Hitting the Wall I […]

Timeless Truths for the New Year

10 Timeless Truths for the New Year

Not long ago, I came across a story about a meeting in 1923 of some of the wealthiest businessmen in the United States.1Charles R. Swindoll, Swindoll’s New Testament Insights: Insights on James, 1 & 2 Peter (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, © Charles R. Swindoll, 2010), 101–2. Among them, one businessman was a Wall Street tycoon, another […]

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Dealing with Holiday Loneliness

It’s true. For many people, the holidays draw up painful memories. Sore spots from childhood or the loss of loved ones hit them hard during this sentimental season. While many people celebrate the joys of Christmastime, others suffer its loneliness. During one of the most desperate times of David’s life, the anointed future king of […]

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A Shocking Gift

When my dad, Chuck Swindoll, was a kid, he found under the Christmas tree a pleasantly wrapped package with his name on it . . . and he did what every kid does. With no one looking, he quietly picked it up, smelled it, took a good look at its wrapping, and shook it—hoping for […]

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